Peoplevox Integrations

If you’re about to upgrade your e-commerce warehouse to Peoplevox, our partnership makes us the ideal integrator for you. Peoplevox are warehouse gurus and paired with our expertise in shipping, we’ll have you taken care of from purchase order to despatch. Using our flexibility and the huge array of product data you can organise in Peoplevox, you can be more innovative and economical with your shipping, by creating incredibly custom shipping rules that save your business time and money. 

Existing Integration

Peoplevox to your Courier(s)

Our Peoplevox courier integration ships thousands of parcels every day. We currently integrate with ~40 couriers, including: Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, FedEx, ASDA toyou, Hermes, Parcel Force, UPS and more. Our close partnership means you can opt for incredible customization for your shipping processes. 


Existing Integration

Peoplevox to Linnworks

We have a proven Peoplevox <-> Linnworks integration that replicates accurate product details between the two systems, maintains regular stock updates between Peoplevox and Linnworks, maintains sales data & purchase orders from Linnworks to Peoplevox, produces tracking information and reports. 


Our Partner WMS

About Peoplevox

Peoplevox are e-commerce and warehousing experts, offering a hugely comprehensive piece of Warehouse Management Software on web and mobile. Peoplevox makes your warehouse a smarter warehouse, with the fastest picking routes displayed for workers, sales order tracking, stock take, in-depth reporting and a highly custom configuration. With this high level of customisation and product data in your Peoplevox setup, you can optimize your despatch operation with incredibly custom shipping rules set up in Shipster. 

Find out more about Peoplevox at 

Need a Peoplevox Integration?

Our list of integrations is

Always Growing

The number of integrations we have ready and built is constantly growing, especially in the number of couriers we’re able to offer without building from scratch. This is especially convenient for Peoplevox customers who might want to add or change couriers to their existing setup with ease. We are also to able to offer Peoplevox customers a brand new courier integration completely free if it isn’t time-sensitive and the project can wait on our development schedule. Outside of these conditions, a brand new courier integration is normally £1400.

See our full list of integrated couriers here.

Implementing Peoplevox and Shipster

Both Peoplevox and Shipster use a modern implementation approach, by managing the project, setting up the warehouse, configuring your software, training, testing and launching 100% remotely. With regular screen share sessions booked in with your Peoplevox team, you and your staff will be taken through everything step-by-step, with live demonstrations and help with your own setup live. Peoplevox guide you very closely through their setup (see the implementation steps here). For Shipster we will send a set of instructions at kick-off, which typically involves putting us in contact with your courier account managers, supplying the credentials we need to work on your setup and telling us what shipping services and rules you want set up. You can leave the rest to us whilst concentrating on your Peoplevox implementation sessions. 

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Need a Peoplevox integration?

Are you already a Peoplevox Customer?

If you’re already a Peoplevox customer and looking to improve the way you ship or shipping costs, get in touch and we’ll let you know how we may be able to help. By charging per licence and not per label, our pricing is very competitive and puts no limit on your number of shipping rules, labels printed or ability to forecast costs. We can also integrate you with other software such as Linnworks. 


Are you new to Peoplevox?
We’ve partnered with Peoplevox for a couple of years now and seen the difference their smart software can make to a warehouse. We’re proud to integrate with the product and hope you will look to us for an effective shipping solution to top off your spanking new setup. If you’d like to more about Peoplevox visit their website at or get and touch and we’d be more than happy to put you in contact with the right person.

Have you heard?

Word on the street

Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel

Mike Crowley, Operation Manager

"Shipster and team have been brilliant in helping to set up a new shipping system and now maintaining it. The biggest win for me is they are just a call away. They took all the stress away when Royal Mail dropped their DMO system by setting up a new API. The only thing I had to do was forward an E-mail onto Shipster. The system is reliable, fixable and robust, just what you need in this fast pace, ever changing business of Ecommerce."



Chief Creative & Technology Officer

"I’ll take the opportunity now to thank you for the OddSphere service; we’ve had very little interaction with OddSphere – aside from the initial set up – but that’s entirely down to it having worked flawlessly. So thank you."

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

Gareth O'Rourke, Head of E-Commerce

"We have been using Shipster for 18 months and it has literally transformed our warehouse department. We have managed to fully integrate with our three main couriers and significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy at which the warehouse team are able to push parcels out of the building. We have managed to do this with the same number in our despatch team as what we had 18 months ago, even though parcel volumes have gone from 70,000 to 120,000 parcels."



Andy Porter, Head of Logistics

Liaising with Tony and the team on a regular basis is a pleasure. Tony is always more than happy help with any technical issues or any integration work that is required. The service and communication are brilliant. I would highly recommend Tony and his team at Oddsphere. They are a credit and pleasure to work with. Tony has helped on quite a few projects for MissPap over the past 7 months and each time he puts his full commitment to the cause. I can’t thank Tony and his team enough. Without their continued support, MissPap would not have been able to develop as quickly and successfully as it has.

Royce Lingerie

Royce Lingerie

Richard, Operations Manager

The support from Oddsphere for Shipster is second to none. During the implementation of our new warehouse management system including despatch, Shipster was the best-supported element. The service integrates well into all of our carriers and saves a huge amount of time compared to manual entry. The pricing structure of Shipster means the more we send, the more we save which works well for us as a small to medium size business user. Once it’s set up ongoing costs are minimal instead of being tied to a price per parcel. Overall very happy with the service we have received so far.



Nathan Bawden, Lead Data Coordinator

"I know I've said it before, but just wanted to say again how impressed I am with your team of folks, they have been nothing but professional at every stage."



Daniel Mitchell, Operations Manager

"Shipster for us was like a breath of fresh air with regards to our old system. From the first initial onboarding meeting with Shipster, we could tell they were going to be a company that we could rely on to support our business growth. I have found that no request is too big or small, I have found the team at Shipster are always available which in comparison to our old system is a blessing."