Ordorite Integration

With our Ordorite integration, your warehouse can automatically book in orders with almost any top courier service of your choice via Shipster. We offer the most customizable shipping rules available in the market, and if you have a unique idea for a custom rule, we will gladly engineer it for you using the available data points from your system. This, and all other shipping rule customization, shipping documents, label generation and technical assistance are covered by our fixed rate monthly support/licence fee. If you are already using Ordorite, you will know that the software is specially designed for furniture, bedding and other furnishings, which can be much different to ship than other eCommerce goods. This means you might benefit from shipping rules for weight, order value, bulky-item courier selection or partial despatch. Our full (and growing) list of pre-built shipping rules can be found here.

For Furniture & Bedding Retailers

Ordorite Features

Point of sale

A powerful point of sale for your eCommerce business

Inventory Management

Get a real-time view of your entire company's inventory and automate inventory transfers.

Delivery & Logistics

Management and planning for the last mile delivery.

Warehouse Management

Efficiently handle your inventory using mobile technology, enabling real-time digital management.

Integration & Finance

Seamlessly integrate with various finance systems and any website.

KPI Reporting

Get valuable insights throughout all departments of your retail enterprise.

Customer Service

Handle all customer and supplier service requests within a single system, including date-driven actions.


Attract customers to revisit your store.

Furniture & Bedding

Ordorite specializes in furniture & bedding, with years of experience and future-proofing for the sector.

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Shipster Key Features

No Price Per Label

Pay no more price per shipping label! Shipster offers a one-time installation cost and a flat monthly support fee determined by the number of licenses you utilize. Easily calculate the pricing for your desired licenses instantly with our online calculator.

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Bespoke Shipping Rules

Shipster provides the most customizable shipping rules available in the market at no extra charge. With your regular monthly support fee, we can create shipping rules tailored to your preferences, such as rules based on shipment weight, value, destination, category or any other relevant data.

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Limitless Couriers

Shipster allows you to choose from a wide range of couriers, giving you the flexibility to select virtually any combination you prefer. We have integration with most top couriers, and we are open to integrating with any additional ones not currently in our portfolio.

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Shipping Documents

Shipster provides automatic generation of all necessary documents for your orders, including shipping labels, invoices, returns, and CN22s. These documents are tailored to your specific order, customer, delivery details and design. Our system is fully equipped to handle requirements related to Brexit, IOSS, and EORI.

Technical Support

Shipster technical support engineers are available by telephone and email ticketing service. Our team are technically trained to make same-day code or configuration changes where possible to minimize your wait.

User Control Panel

With the Shipster control panel, you can easily adjust the number of Shipster installations (licenses and couriers) on each packing bench. This feature is especially valuable when you need to quickly scale up operations e.g. before Black Friday or scale down during quieter periods.

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Taking the first step


We endeavour to give your team a smooth onboarding experience. The Shipster onboarding process typically takes 2-6 weeks, with much of the legwork liaising couriers being taken off your hands. Due to our close collaboration, the Ordorite X Shipster contingent of the integration is relatively fast, although the number of couriers chosen may affect the overall setup time. Our dedicated client service and project management team will want to deeply understand your requirements and closely manage the integration progress and ensure you are informed about each action and next steps.

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Partnership One-Pager

One-Page Summary of the Ordorite x Shipster Solution


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Our Partnership

Ordorite X Shipster

The Ordorite x Shipster partnership is built on the recognition that every furniture eCommerce business and warehouse operates uniquely. As experts in the furniture industry, Ordorite understands the specific requirements of furniture retailers. By collaborating with Shipster, we provide a winning combination where businesses can leverage Ordorite's comprehensive tools and omnichannel solutions, while also meeting their specific shipping needs through Shipster's expertise. This partnership allows us to deliver flexible and tailored solutions that help our clients achieve their exclusive goals.

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