Minster WMS Integration

Meet Minster WMS, experts in Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions, dedicated to revolutionising warehouse operations through cutting-edge software. Their comprehensive suite of tools covers everything from enhancing customer experience to seamless systems integration and optimising delivery logistics. We've created an integration that combines the strength of their robust system with Shipster's Custom Shipping Rules capabilities. This partnership means we’re able to offer unparalleled efficiency and tailored solutions that streamline your shipping processes.

Greater accuracy, control and profitability

Minster WMS Features

Customer Experience

Client portal designed for dedicated access, enabling customers to review order history and access sales support.

Warehouse management

Through its robust system, Minster allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your warehouse operations.

Delivery & Logistics

Oversee the entire transportation and delivery process from start to finish.


Access all essential management and KPI data within their dedicated reporting function.

Systems Integration

View all data and cross-platform activity in a central location, for enhanced visibility and control.

3PL warehouse system

Tailored warehouse management system, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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Shipster Key Features

Limitless couriers

With integrations with most top couriers already in place, and a commitment to accommodating additional ones not currently in our portfolio, we ensure that you have access to the courier options that best align with your shipping needs.

Technical support

Shipster's technical support engineers are accessible via telephone and our email ticketing service. Our dedicated team is extensively trained to promptly address your queries and implement same-day code or configuration changes whenever feasible, thereby minimising any potential wait times.

Shipping documents

Shipster offers seamless automatic generation of all essential documents for your orders, such as shipping labels, invoices, returns, and CN22s. These documents are meticulously customised to align with your specific order, customer, delivery details, and design preferences. We’re also fully equipped to adeptly handle any additional requirements, such Brexit, IOSS, and EORI, ensuring smooth and compliant operations at every step.

Bespoke shipping rules

With your standard monthly support fee, we can craft shipping rules tailored precisely to your preferences. Whether it's rules based on shipment weight, value, destination, category, or any other pertinent data, we've got you covered.

User control panel

Using the Shipster control panel, you have the flexibility to effortlessly modify the number of Shipster installations allocated to each packing bench. This functionality proves particularly beneficial when there's a need for rapid scaling of operations.

No price per label

Eliminate per-label shipping costs with Shipster! We offer a one-time installation fee, alongside a flat monthly support charge, based on your license usage. Quickly estimate your costs for the desired licenses using our user-friendly online calculator.

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Taking the first step


We strive to provide your team with a seamless onboarding experience. Typically spanning 2 - 6 weeks, our onboarding process has been refined and honed to give you the very best experience. During this period, much of the legwork involved in liaising with couriers is handled by us. Thanks to our close collaboration, the integration between Minsterwms and Shipster is relatively swift, although the setup time may vary based on the number of couriers chosen. Our dedicated client service and project management team are committed to thoroughly understanding your requirements and closely overseeing the integration progress. We ensure you are kept informed about each action and the next steps along the way.

Our Partnership

Minster WMS X Shipster

At Shipster we pride ourselves on transparency and products that work to fix real problems faced in warehouse distribution. Minster WMS have been experts in delivering measurable benefits in warehousing and logistics since its establishment in 1978. Together our solutions from the shelves of your warehouse to the back of the courier van are tried, tested and proven to be transformative for many businesses. We invite you to discuss how our integration could work with or in-place-of your current warehouse tech stack. All of our integrations are custom and we're able to connect with additional inventory and eCommerce platforms.

Our list of couriers is

Always Growing

Shipster has an extensive network of over 100 top-tier couriers, with the list continually expanding. Our roster includes renowned names such as Royal Mail, Amazon, DPD, Evri, Aramex, UPS, Austrian Post, and more. We're continuously broadening our global reach in response to evolving demands. If you don't see your preferred courier listed on our website, don't hesitate to enquire.

See our full list of integrated couriers here.

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