Evri Integration (Previously Hermes)

Customise the way you ship via Evri with a custom shipping integration by Shipster


 Evri integration with Shipster diagram (previously Hermes)


Find out more about our custom integration with Evri, one of Europe's largest courier services!


The Shipster integration includes the old features you will be familiar with under the old brand names Hermes and MyHermes (now Evri). This includes flexible and cheaper courier options aimed at catering to individuals and SMEs. The service works by using a network of over 4500 designated ‘Parcel Shops’ across the UK most of which are located at corner shops or convenience stores. The volume of Parcel Shops and these businesses’ long opening hours allow greater flexibility for the customer, especially in the case of providing free returns. Evri also offers door to door domestic courier collection, making the service even more convenient.


Most Shipster users who integrate with Evri have an Evri business account, which provides discounts for bulk shipping and integrations with third-party platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Integrating with Evri business accounts is simple as they offer just three well-rounded services: Standard, Next Day and International.


How does the Evri integration work?


As part of the Shipster set-up process, we write ‘rules’ which map certain features of your orders to trigger different Evri shipping services depending on your shipping needs. For example, if a customer’s order is worth over £100, you may want it to be sent Evri Next Day delivery as a reward for spending so much money. Shipster then sends the parcel information to Evri and generates a shipping label for the correct service.


See below for more ways you can customise your Evri integration.

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Create rules from dozens of conditions and commands

Example Shipping Rules

Shipping Upgrade

Automate delivery upgrades and downgrades such as when a customer pays extra for a quicker delivery service. Or during a free delivery promotion, you may wish to send orders on a slower but cheaper service to save money.

Busy & quiet periods

Temporary rules can be written to better suit your shipping needs during busy or quiet periods. Many Shipster users have found this especially useful whilst they are running a sale or promotion.

Volume of items

Create shipping rules for orders with a certain volume of items that may need to be shipped on a cheaper service or split into two or more parcels. Shipster can generate a pop up asking whether an order with multiple items will be shipped as multiple parcels.


Shipster can use location data to allocate shipments going anywhere in the world to the appropriate delivery service. This data can also be used to print additional documents such as CN22s that could be translated into the recipient’s language.

Address Correction

Many couriers, including Evri, require addresses to be formatted in a certain way for shipping to be successful. This is common in the case of islands owned by mainland countries where the customer often inputs the island name into the country field. Rules can be written to automatically correct mistakes such as these.

Third party Sales

If orders sold on a third-party platform are tagged to reflect this, rules can be mapped to send them on a particular service. For example, all items sold on eBay could be sent Evri Standard.


To summarise, Shipster pulls information about your online orders from your warehouse management system or sales platform and uses this to create and print shipping labels for your chosen couriers. Shipster automatically books the shipment directly with the courier and sends the tracking numbers back to wherever the order information was imported from. There is also the option to print other shipping documentation through Shipster such as return labels, CN22s and commercial invoices. 

If you have any technical questions or problems using Shipster we have a dedicated support team at your disposal. Our email and phone support service operates between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday, and the vast majority of issues are resolved the same day they are logged.

Most commonly PeopleVox, but we also currently integrate with Linnworks, inventory planner and Shopify to name a few. If your business uses a different system or eCommerce platform, we might be able to cater to your needs as well, so don’t be shy to get in touch.

We charge for the initial installation of the software and setup of your shipping rules. After this, you will only ever pay a monthly fee for support based on your licenses. Check out our pricing page for more information on costs.

Yes! You can choose to completely change your shipping rules as your business changes and evolves, including which couriers you’d like to ship with. You can also easily increase or decrease your licences depending on demand e.g. you may require Shipster on more computers during busy periods like Christmas and Black Friday.

We integrate with most of the world’s largest couriers such as DPD, Royal Mail, DHL, FedEx and Deutsche Post, and more are added all the time often upon the request of new customers. You can find the full list of current courier integrations here

Shipster is designed to be highly customisable, bespoke service because we understand every company’s needs are different. Sometimes customers come to us with requests that we hadn’t even thought of, and our development team explores whether we can make it possible. 

Who else is using the Shipster-Evri Integration?

Popular in these sectors

If you're still at the stage of deciding whether our Evri integration is right for you, here's a little bit of insight from our own data.

> Evri is a straightforward courier, popular with the fashion and beauty industries. These businesses usually require less specialist services required to transport delicate or large/ heavy items.

> It is quick and cheap so excellent for keeping up with the demands of fast fashion.

> Online clothes shopping often involves returning items and the Evri Parcel Shop system means buyers can cheaply and conveniently do this.

> Many of our fashion and beauty clients have chosen to integrate their Shipster with Evri such as the popular retailer Oh Polly. 


Customers that use our courier integrations

Electric Tobacconist

Electric Tobacconist

Ollie Frostick, Head of Digital Operations

"The service offered by Shipster has been nothing short of fantastic. We switched to a new WMS and Shipster allowed us to integrate seamlessly with multiple couriers, while their Inventory Planner connector enabled us to utilise two powerful systems that previously refused to talk to one another. Overall it’s been a great experience so far!"



Daniel Mitchell, Operations Manager

"Shipster for us was like a breath of fresh air with regards to our old system. From the first initial onboarding meeting with Shipster, we could tell they were going to be a company that we could rely on to support our business growth. I have found that no request is too big or small, I have found the team at Shipster are always available which in comparison to our old system is a blessing."