HS Code Correction

Automate your compliance

Auto HS Code Classification

With this innovative extension, you can now efficiently and accurately assign the correct HS Codes to all of your products through Shipster. Using AI, the HS Code Classification tool can help you ‘cleanse’ your data, avoid delivery delays, and maintain compliance. Save time and ensure your orders are more accurate with automated HS Code generation.

⚠️ Import Control System 2 (Important EU Customs Revision)

What is the HS Code Classification Tool?

The HS Code Classification Tool allows you to automatically and quickly assign the correct product codes to your cross-border packages, ensuring they comply with the regulations of whichever country they’re heading towards (as well as avoiding unnecessary custom fees).


This process has a 100 milliseconds response time and a 96% accuracy rate. With access to 500 million + product descriptions, as well as a continuously updated database, you can efficiently and succinctly match your products to the correct code.


Benefits of the tool include:


• Reducing business costs through an automated process

• Maintain efficient and effective compliance

• Scale your business easier with access to a vast database of products

• Avoid annoying customers with additional custom charges

• We manage the process for you.


Import Control System 2 (EU Customs Revision)

Why the HS Classification Tool is Essential for ICS2

Aside from the above benefits of the HS Classification Tool, it’s also essential for the EU’s new import system, ICS2. Impacting goods to be delivered to the EU, Norway, Switzerland, and Northern Ireland, the system focuses on protecting the EU’s single market, as well as the citizens within those countries. 

With new standards to comply with for ICS2, HS Codes are included in the process. eCommerce companies need to ensure their codes and product descriptions are of good quality - inaccurate data will lead to delays, as well as additional taxation (and even penalties). 

You can view the ICS2 requirements here. 

With Shipster, our HS Classification Tool will allow you to maintain these high standards and cleanse your current HS Codes data, efficiently and accurately categorising your products. Automation means less time spent sifting through data, reducing parcel delivery time, and streamlining your classification process.

The illustration to left shows the planned complete rollout of ICS2.