Shipster Extensions

Shipster Extensions are additional paid-for features, giving your shipping setup the enhancements it needs to improve efficiency and reduce shipment address and overseas headaches. They are available to Shipster clients only, require little-to-know training for users and are quick for us to implement once booked in. They are completely optional and can be cancelled with a month’s notice.

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+ HS Code Classification

The new Shipster extension HS Code Classification Tool scans through all of your product descriptions and uses AI technology to generate the appropriate HS Codes. This means saving huge amounts of time that would have otherwise been spent individually examining and searching for the relevant code for hundreds or thousands of products. The HS Codes in our system are constantly updated to ensure that they are always current and up-to-date. Because of the dynamic nature of HS Codes, we also suggest running a HS Code “cleanse” on a regular basis.

⚠️ Strongly Recommended ahead of EU Customs' ICS2 Rollout. Accurate HS Code data is going be essential for shipping to the EU when the EU Customs Union rolls out Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

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+ Address Correction

The Shipster Address Correction extension provides a powerful and reliable solution to validating and standardizing customer addresses in real-time. Utilizing advanced algorithms and a comprehensive global database from Loqate, it delivers highly accurate address information, reducing the risk of errors and improving customer experience.