WBYS (Shuperb)


WBYS (Shuperb)


Leicester, UK



Project Details

Custom integration, custom shipping automations using SKUs & managing compensation

SKU-Based Shipping Rules & Compensation Management


WBYS is the infamous footwear group based in Leicester, developing a range of different shoe brands including Shuperb, Mud Dogs and Comfortology. They needed a shipping solution that could handle complex rules using SKUs and shipment value to strategically manage their shipping costs. 

The WBYS/Shuperb team on Black Friday

Client Objectives:

SKU-Based & Location-Based Rules: WBYS needed the ability to define rules based on extensive lists of SKUs. The rules would specify actions to be taken if any item in an order matched a specific set of SKUs or delivery location.

Valuable Item Handling: WBYS required a way to identify and treat valuable items separately from other items in an order. These valuable items required special shipping services.

Compensation Management: The client wanted the flexibility to be strategic with their compensation costs by declaring compensation amounts based on the value of the items shipped via Royal Mail.

Solution Provided:

Shipster's solution allowed WBYS to create SKU-based rules, enabling comparisons between the listed SKUs and the items in an order. Specific actions could be defined based on these matches.

For valuable items, Shipster provided the capability to designate them for exclusive shipping services. If any item from the valuable list appeared in an order, it triggered the selection of a secure service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Shipster also enabled WBYS to automatically declare different compensation amounts for valuable items when using Royal Mail services, ensuring appropriate coverage for these high-value shipments.


Streamlined Shipping Rules: The ability to define rules based on lists of SKUs enabled WBYS to manage their diverse inventory with incredible speed and precision. The SKU based rules system also leaves opportunity for other incredibly custom shipping automations in future.

Enhanced Control over Valuable Items: WBYS gained precise control over the shipping of valuable items. Even if a single valuable item appeared in an order with multiple items, the system automatically selected a secure shipping service. This also removed the previous manual effort and vigilance it took to assess each order.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: By ensuring secure shipping for high-value items, WBYS enhanced their customers' confidence and reduced the risk of potential loss or damage during transit.

wbys/shuperb review praises delivery speed and tracking

WBYS have recently been recognised by Ebay with the Ebay Family & Friends Business of the Year Award. They’re online sales have been so successful that the eBay store has become busier than the shop!

"What a godsend Shipster has been for our business. We moved our label generation and carrier selection from Scurri over a year ago now and have never looked back. Not only are we saving a lot of money but the support/service from Shipster has been absolutely outstanding. Big thank you to Tony Cheetham and the team over at Shipster!"    - Safraz Ibrahim, Managing Director