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Muliple couriers via Shipster & Insane Christmas Demand

An e-Commerce Christmas: Smashing Peak Periods

It's always Christmas at Christmas Tree World - you'd be amazed how many big corporates, media companies and magazines are purchasing throughout the year. In fact, Linten's Christmas Trees scored big this year, when they were cast in Vogue for a beautiful Christmas tree photo-shoot.

christmas tree closeup

Christmas Tree World is a brilliant, albeit extreme example of an e-commerce Christmas. Almost every retailer in every industry knows the importance of preparing for the Christmas season, Black Friday and other times of year applicable to the product, including Mother's Day, Wedding Season, Holiday Season etc. With Shipster we offer the flexibility to create more despatch stations or, with enough notice, add another courier to meet your demand.

Director Hayley explains, 

"All of our clients ramp everything up a gear in the run-up to Christmas. You simply cannot under prepare. In practice, that can mean setting up more workbenches in a warehouse, taking on more staff and maybe shipping with an additional courier.

The simplicity of Shipster also makes packing easier and therefore quicker for seasonal staff to learn."

Like many of our clients, Christmas Tree World choose to accommodate the extreme Christmas demand with the ability to add more workstations at a moment's notice and are only billed for the machines they use per month. This ability has proved extremely efficient in their packing rooms and reduces costs when less packing benches are needed. 

Since our Shipster integrations were written and installed for Christmas Tree World in 2016, our support team have kept in touch performing updates and manning the support line should any issues arise. Shipster has been ticking in the background, booking shipments and despatch notes for two years now at Christmas Tree World now and it's all going rather well.