Bully Billows




Nottingham, UK


Canine Accessories

Project Details

Descartes Peoplevox integration, Store Collections, Scaling up, Global Shipping.

Seamless Home Delivery and Store Collections

BullyBillows, a high-quality new canine accessory brand is disrupting the dog harness, leash and collar market with innovative products for dogs of every size, walking behaviour and personality with fun, functional and innovative designs. They ship to customers worldwide and their website offers customers the option for home delivery or to pick up from the BullyBillows headquarters office directly. 

shipster client warehouse photos

Challenges and Unique Requirements:

Global Shipping: BullyBillows ships products worldwide, including remote locations such as Alaska and disputed territories. They required an automated shipping solution that could handle international shipments efficiently and accurately.

Scaling up from small-scale Operations: As a fairly new company, BullyBillows was operating with a relatively small setup which needed to expand to meet bigger demand, wholesale capacity and continue to grow with ease when needed.

Integration with Descartes Peoplevox WMS: BullyBillows’ elected warehousing system was Descartes Peoplevox, which handles barcoding, order and inventory management and zonal picking. Shipster was to integrate the last step of the PVX process by booking in orders with the courier and generating shipping labels.

In-store Collections: BullyBillows wanted to offer an in-store collection option for online customers, which required a seamless workflow to generate collection labels and track inventory movement.

Solution Provided:

International Carriers for Global Shipping: Shipster integrated the client warehouse and WMS with multiple international couriers and by extension a wide range of shipping service options programmable to the requirements of each order. This enabled efficient and reliable worldwide shipping, including to remote locations.

Streamlining Larger Operations: The smooth inventory and pick-to-pack system by Descartes Peoplevox, paired with Shipster shipping automations, have enabled BullyBillows to make many of the repetitive packing bench decisions such as courier and service selection much faster and with precision as they grow.

The Descartes Peoplevox X Shipster Integration: The client BullyBillows benefitted hugely from the close working relationship between Descartes Peoplevox and Shipster. The two partnering systems have collaborated for a number of years and represent a proven goods-in to despatch solution that has become routine for our teams to set up.

In-store Collection Management: Shipster's software facilitated in-store collection workflows for BullyBillows. Customised collection slips were created to generate labels with blank or overriding tracking numbers. The system removed the carrier and service name, enabling smooth in-store pickup processes while still allowing the printing of collection labels.


Picking and packing orders has increased by over 100%: The integration of Shipster's shipping software with international carriers enabled BullyBillows to ship their products worldwide with ease. They could reach customers all over the globe with all the correct shipping and customs documentation included, facilitating their surge as the UK’s fastest-growing canine accessory brand.

“Picking and packing orders have increased by over 100% as a result of integrating our new WMS, allowing us to be more efficient and not worry about busy periods such as BFCM, Christmas and any other festive period.”

Streamlined Operations: The PVX+Shipster combo has given BullyBillows a smooth order process from pick to despatch and is easy to customise for new products, seasonal trends or other changes in strategy. It is easy to scale and new packing benches or couriers can be added/removed with the Shipster user control panel at any time. The team have also found the software easy to pick up meaning training needs are reduced.

30 Hours of time per week saved on staff training: due to the simplicity of Shipster and how easy it is to pick up for new staff.

“Staff training and time saves has saved BullyBillows over 30 hours of time per week as we are spending less time training staff and much less time checking over all orders picked ready for dispatch.”

Seamless In-store Collections: Customers can now select for in-store collection at the check-out of their purchase on the BullyBillows website. This has been a great addition to the customer shopping experience and gives an opportunity for the customer to see the amazing BullyBillows store.