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Priory Direct are our recommended eco-friendly packaging supplier for eCommerce businesses. With over 1,500 planet friendly solutions to help operations maximise their efficiency and minimise their environmental impact, donating 1% of Priory Elements product sales to environmental charities, and a team of experts who are on hand to help by sharing knowledge through their experience and lending advice to businesses of all sizes, from independent sellers on marketplaces through to Tier 1 and 2 retailers, no matter where they are on their sustainability journey. Priory Direct are on a mission to minimise the impact eCommerce has on the environment and save the planet one parcel at a time. 

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Planet Friendly Packaging

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Eco Tape

Priory Elements EcoTape™ is a fully biodegradable and 100% plastic free self-adhesive paper packing tape. Made from sustainably sourced materials.

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Eco Labels

Phenol Free Thermal Labels make a great shipping label that offers long-lasting, high tack adhesion, suitable for sticking to most packaging surfaces.

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Eco Mailing Bags

Made from 140gsm kraft paper, these bags are splashproof and water-resistant, and also feature a peel and seal adhesive strip to guarantee a secure closure without the need for packing tape.

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Priory Direct stock over 2,000 eCommerce essentials; from classic packaging and labels to office stationery and warehouse machinery. On top of their vast range of products, Priory Direct are on hand to help with consultancy for optimising operational efficiency and increasing sustainability, despatch all orders placed before 5pm the same day for next day delivery, allow their customers to donate 1% of their spend to charity, protect 1,000m2 of threatened rainforest with every order and offer free delivery on orders over £250, all whilst delivering the best reviewed service in the industry.

No - Priory Direct help businesses of all sizes with their essentials. A key part of their philosophy is centred around providing access to sustainable solutions for the eCommerce market, and as such, the only minimum is one bundle of whichever product you need.

Your packaging is the first time your brand meets your customer in a physical sense, and first impressions count! Unboxing your products should be an experience in itself, so consider what you want your packaging to look like, how you want to present your products, and most importantly, what you want your customer to feel when they open it. Consider printing your logo, messaging, eco symbols on your packaging and making your packaging speak to your customers, or getting the sizing spot on for your products so that you’re not shipping air or spending extra money on void fill. Whilst you don’t have to customise your packaging, you should ensure you never choose packaging which compromises on your brand’s values. Don’t ruin a plastic free product by then shipping it in plastic mailing bags. If you pride yourself on luxury goods, make your packaging reflect that. Your packaging isn’t an overhead - it’s a critical consideration which many businesses overlook. 

Eco-friendly packaging is vital for the planet and our futures. Plastic is plaguing our oceans and killing marine life, and current global usage rates simply cannot continue. Not only is eco-friendly packaging the only viable solution for a sustainable future, but it’s also proving to be a differentiator for consumers too; two thirds of British consumers are avoiding brands or products for environmental reasons. We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something - businesses have a responsibility to minimise their environmental impact in any way they can, and choosing eco packaging is the perfect way to do this.

When you shop on Priory Direct, you’ll notice all products have an Eco Score. This was created to allow customers to understand just how eco-friendly their packaging choices are. The score is based on if the product is recyclable, biodegradable, made from sustainably sourced materials, plastic free, and manufactured carbon neutrally - the higher the score, the more eco-friendly the product - simple!