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Our technology partner Primis specializes in digital-first customer experience (CX) tools pioneering the next generation of CX. Developing tailored, sustainable post-purchase solutions, promoting the brand’s customer experience.

Primis’ mission is to enhance the open interactions between consumers and retailers to improve the post-purchase customer experiences in a way that modifies how they think, react, and buy online.

Primis' powerful shipment tracking enables brands to build their own accurate tracking pages and delivery notifications. Primis also generates powerful analytics to analyse shipping performance.


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Pioneering the next generation of online shopping

Exceptional CX

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PRIMIS have innovated solutions for branding and personalizing shipping communications to customers, whilst preserving the accuracy of live updates.

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Data Analysis

PRIMIS’ analytics provides data to the retailer relating to SLA achievement, real-time event tracking, and product purchase history - key for customer relations.

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Tracking Status

PRIMIS uses powerful shipment tracking to create customisable order status pages - replacing clunky courier tracking pages.

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Primis, a shipment tracking solution, helps e-commerce businesses enhance customers’ post-purchase experience. It offers shoppers a branded tracking experience and enables them to track shipments seamlessly. Primis supports 100+ couriers worldwide, enabling its users to analyze their shipping performance effortlessly.

Primis was founded by ex-Amazonian Rebecca Griffiths, a top-performing specialist in eCommerce, Customer Experience (CX), reverse logistics and supply chains. She saw a gap in the CX technology market, innovated new solutions and built a team that help companies pull together the perfect post-purchase experience and data collection. 

The post-purchase stage of an eCommerce purchase is as essential to a brand’s success as having an intuitive and visually appealing eCommerce site. If the post-purchase stage is not right, customers will be pushed away, increasing WISMO costs and a missed chance to delight your customers.

Primis allows integration with multiple apps and plugins like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, eBay, Magento, and many more. It eliminates the need for multiple tracking systems by providing consolidated data in one place.

We provide solutions, such as planting a tree with a click (in bulk or via subscription) and direct carbon offsetting using innovative measures on a per CO2 basis.

With the goal of helping brands cultivate the best customer experience, Primis enables retailers to collect information about customer interactions with order emails, information about returns and product preferences.